Champion of 2015 MMOsite Readers' Choice: Blade and Soul

01/07/2016 11:31

After more than 1 month's competition, our 2015 Readers' Choice event finally comes to an end now. There are numerous excellent MMOs nominated in this event, and in all these excellent games, the upcoming MMORPG Blade and Soul gold finally comes out as the champion!

Blade and Soul

In the first round of Readers' Choice event, Blade and Soul has already won 6 awards, making it one of the biggest winners. Meanwhile, it also got 3323 votes in total in the 2nd round. I'd say Blade and Soul is really highly anticipated. In this month, Blade and Soul will be launched to all the EU and NA players, and we will keep bringing you the latest news of this game. Just stay tuned.

At last, we want to thank all the MMOsiters and game companies again for your supports. Thank you for making our event successfully concluded. If you have any suggestion about our event, you can still tell us on our site any time. See you next year!

Blade and Soul