Hall Of Blade And Soul Guide – The Big 4

01/06/2016 15:04

The Big 4 dungeons are four end blade and soul gold game dungeons which need to be completed in order to flag for Pohwaran (aka Poh). Poh is not playable during the current beta but will be implemented into the game on official launch (19th January 2016). This guide will focus on The Hall of Ogong. The Hall of Ogong is located in the Moonwater plains zone, more specifically, the Lycandi Foothills. Check out the map below for more info.

Once you enter the dungeon proceed forwards as group. This part is done in the same way as in the Skittering Tunnels. One person runs slightly ahead of the blade and soul power leveling group gathering all the trash mobs together up until the first ‘open’ area of the dungeon. Once together, all the trash mobs are taken down at once using AOE attacks. Doing it this way saves a lot of time. However, if your group feels you cannot do it this way, pick them off a couple at time. After they are all dead in the same open area a blocked entrance will open and there you will face the first mini boss.

  • Be sure to grab the Dragonhearts before you begin the fight.
  • Remember you can counter some of his attacks. For example if you have used your escape skill for 1 attack and he does another one right after, use a joint attack to negate/counter his attack.
  • Keep your hp as high as possible.
  • If a party member dies get whoever has aggro to move out of range so Ogongs AOE attacks do not hit them so they can resurrect as soon as possible.
  • Learn Ogongs attack pattern. He has a set attack pattern, if you can learn most of his attacks it will make the fight easier.

For loot, you can get items like Moonwater tears, Moonwater refining stones, Simyu weapons and Ape king Ogong soul shields. You can also get items used for appearance changes such as the Shrieking wind phantom sword, dagger, axe, staff etc.